Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Makes A Good World and Blog

There are several things that add excitement to any world. WIS has laid down the ground rules in what they expect from the GM's with their latest code of conduct.

Asking questions and getting results as we have seen is very good. Though sometimes the answer is not what one expects, I did disagree with the answer as I thought he should have been a Type B for the record.

An active world chat is always fun. Coming up with fake things with your fake players in chat is also fun. Ribbing and smack talk is also fun as long as it is not confrontational, hurtful, demeaning or downright disgusting.

A good Blog on the other hand takes several people to actually make it real good. Writing skills is not a prerequisite by the way. Taking the time to write an article once a week or more/less can go a long way in the enjoyment of others as well as yourself. Learning how to write is not hard but not easy the first time until you learn about all the ins and outs. I write for 6 different worlds I am in as I am retired and have a lot of spare time on my hands unlike most. Most of the training articles were pre-written by me for other worlds that just needed a little tweak here and there. Many articles I write are informative or are just for fun, pleasure or a joke. The hard part is being objective and truthful. The truthful part is the hardest sometimes by the way. Maybe you would just like to write about your team and thoughts. Like the direction you see taking your team, trades, call ups, drafts etc, it can make a good history that you can refer to later. Also writing about players not on your team can be helpful as it kind of forces you to look at their ratings and stats more closely and how they relate to one another more.

What I would like to see is at least one person from each division writing about what is going on within their division as most keep themselves apprised of what is going on there the most. Though I would like to see everybody write about their team at least once during the season as a preview at least. Like what your plans are as far as starters and possible rookies getting a chance to win a job, etc. Team song is always a fun inclusion.

How easy is it to become a writer on the blog? All you need is a gmail email account. Send the email address to me in Trade Chat and I can invite you to be a blog writer. It sends the invite to your email where you respond to the acceptance and your in. If you do not wish to setup an email account just Trade Chat me and I can give you the leagues user and pass codes to be able to write to the blog that way.

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