Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Look At the Draft Class for Season 11

1. D'Angelo Cerda, P, Wichita Wingmen - Made headlines as the Number 1 pick in the season 11 draft and holding out for the biggest bonus so far at $6M. Sporting projected great control and splits with some pretty good pitches. Should be a very good pitcher though the Cy Young award may be a bit elusive for him.

2. Omar Carrasco, P, Washington D.C. Revenge - Agent collusion that's what I call it, as Omar heard of the D'Angelo signing and immediately signed a few hours later for 700K less. Omar has good control with fantastic splits with a very good out pitch and 4 quality pitches. It will be fun to see these two go at each other. Which one will be better remains to be seen.

3. Graham Black, CF, El Paso Sand Walkers - The Sand Walkers are not sure he could be a ML CF with his weak glove but are willing to give him a chance otherwise it will be off to COF. Has average and long ball capabilities in the hitting department and a base stealing threat.

4. Kennie Frascatore, P, Tacoma TIE Fighters - Starting pitcher with great control and splits. Pitches are not an outstanding but should be satisfactory. Could be a high gopher ball pitcher without a very good PC catcher but should give 5 or 6 quality start innings.

5. Omar Chavez, P, Austin City Limits - Austin decided on a 3 pitch pitcher that could go 9 innings every time he pitches at the ML level. Has great control, splits and pitches but could be slow to develop late to his full potential.

6. J.J. Charles, P, San Diego Surf Babies - Unsigned

7. Jim Olson, SS, Sioux Falls Stoned Presidents - Real power hitting ML SS are hard to come by and he nearly has it all. However he is a bit of a risk due to his health which could shorten or end his career early.

8. Ching-Lung Fujiwara, P, Scranton Schrutes - Unsigned

9. Ray Krause, RF, San Francisco Super Sonics - His glove could cause him trouble in the OF. At the plate he could hit 50HR but could have a .260 average and be walked a lot. Could be very slow to develop and reach potential.

10. Rich Grace, P, Trenton Tunnel Rats - A 3 pitch pitcher that has great control and good splits for a lefty with 2 great pitches. His third pitch could cause some trouble.

11. Mike Franco, P, Kansas City Cattle Herders - A pitcher that can give 6 solid innings each time out. Has good control and has unhittable splits with a great out pitch. His other pitches aren't exactly show stoppers but will keep batters guessing. Could be slow to attain the projections and his health could cause big time problems.

12. Tom Fischer, 2B, Charlotte Gooners - Is by no means a 2B but will find a home somewhere in the outfield on a ML roster. Doesn't have exceptional power but will deliver at the plate with power numbers.

13. Dion Hull, P, Richmond Poor Men - Great control, good splits while the pitches leaves a little to be desired. Should still become a good ML pitcher.

14. Cristobal Sivilla, P, Toledo Mud Hens - Great control, weak splits and decent pitches. Could be slow to attain the projections and could be marginal at the ML level as a starter.

15. Matty Manzanillo, 2B, Cincinnati Waste Managers - A little weak in the range to play 2B maybe but there will be a spot on a ML roster. His hitting though not powerful will be enough to maintain an adequate average.

16. Jon Cosby, P, San Jose Bad News Bees II - With so many pitchers taken already, it seems a little odd for one of this quality to be picked at this late. Jon projects to a staff ace of the future, however it is possible he dropped so low due to his low patience that could cause problems in development.

17. Wayne Evans, P, Boise Posse - Another future staff ace with good control, splits and pitches. Can count on this kid at the ML as a probable #2 or #3 starter in the near term.

18. Martin Munro, 1B, Oakland Surenos - A power house 1B whose defense may be a touch weak but adequate. Speaking of power, 50+ home runs with an above .300 average is very highly possible or to me a sure thing.

19. Thomas Simpkins, CF, New York Moguls - How this kid will develop is a mystery to me with the lack of patience. He does project to be a good fielding CF with high power numbers with the tendency to strike out.

20. Groucho Priest, LF, Portland Opossums - Does project to be a decent LF or outstanding 1B. Has the plate presence to put up very good power numbers.

21. Angel Norris, 3B, Syracuse Orange Crush - Adequate defense for the ML. Hitting wise could find him walking a lot and a doubles and singles hitter with a few home runs thrown in. Health and makeup is questionable and could cause a short career.

22. Malcolm Smith, CF, Philadelphia Phillies - Unsigned

23. Pascual Pena, C, Columbus Criminals - Normally a catcher taken in the first round will have the hitting prowess and defensive skills to be the best in the league. However, very seldom do both happen at the same time. The hitting is definitely there but the defensive skills are severely lacking. Will probably play DH and backup catcher on most clubs.

24. Mac Hooper, P, Cincinnati Waste Managers - Most clubs taking pitchers after the 16th pick are normally looking for pen help. Mac fills the bill as his control is very good but splits are lacking for those of a true starter with decent enough pitches. Long relief is a good possibility at the ML level.

25. Daryl Damon, 2B, Burlington Lake Monsters - While 2B is probably out of the question, COF is a possibility. While not a chick magnet in the power department, he will hit for a good average.

26. Joe White, P, Charleston Apologists - Finding a quality starting pitcher this late in the first round is tough, but Charleston found one. May not be a dominate lefty starter but will give 5 or 6 solid innings each time. Great control, good splits and pitches.

27. Lance Belitz, SS, Las Vegas 69ers - Playing SS at the ML level is not out of the question, but if he doesn't, there are other opportunities. Hitting should be decent with some power.

28. Derrek Whitney, P, Little Rock Pebbles - Another starting lefty pitcher that fell through the cracks to the late 1st round. With adequate control, decent splits and pitches should easily make a ML roster. Many may have shied away due to his somewhat low health which could be bothersome early in his career.

29. Danny Terry, SS, Portland Opossums - Unsigned

30. Greg Mercedes, P, Nashville Kool Kats - A lefty setup pitcher, I wouldn't say a closer. Has great control and good splits. Does have a good out pitch but not exactly enamored with the other two for a strike out pitcher.

31. Dennis Hewson, LF, Jackson Holes - Projects to be a good LF. Will have good power numbers but will be streaky with the long ball.

32. Richie Reuschel, P, Cleveland Katanas - Good control, high medium splits, pitches are varied. Doubtful that he will be a starter at the ML level although long relief is plausible.

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