Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's the Difference Between 0 Scouting and 18 Scouting?

The signing of IFA Albert Crespo by Scranton gives us a good opportunity to see how much difference there is between "High" and "Low" scouting budgets.

First, a correction. In the last post, I said there wasn't a place to see int'l scouting projections on an IFA after he signs. Incorrect.

When an IFA first shows up on your scouting radar, your int'l scouting dept tells you about it in your main message inbox (the one on the left, just above division standings). Turns out that if you don't delete that message, and you look at the player card within that message, the player card there retains the int'l scouting projections even after he signs.

Let's look at Crespo through the eyes of Detroit scouts. We have very high (18) int'l scouting, and our advance scouting is as low as it gets (0). That's a pretty big difference.

To our int'l scouting department, here's what Crespo looks like (projections):
Range - 73
Glove - 85
Arm Str - 76
Arm Acc - 89
Contact - 67
Power - 63
vL - 65
vR - 51
Eye - 41

To our advance scouting department (the 10 year-old nephew in Tampa), here's what Crespo looks like:
Range - 59
Glove - 100
Arm Str - 81
Arm Acc - 100
Contact - 73
Power - 61
vL - 58
vR - 40
Eye - 34

If we say that the int'l projections are "accurate", how much do you miss by with scouting of 0? And does 0 always miss high or low?

Here's the % that 0 scouting was off from 18 scouting (negative #'s mean the advanced - $0 - estimated lower than the int'l - $18)

Range: -19.2%
Glove: +17.6%
Arm Str: +6.6%
Arm Acc: +12.4%
Contact: +9.0%
Power: -3.2%
vL: -10.8%
vR: -21.6%
Eye: -17.1%

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