Friday, April 1, 2011

FA Builds Toward Big Finish

We're in the competitive phase of free agency now, with no doubt lots of players weighing multiple offers. And more teams have jumped into the action:

New York won the services of SP Raul Arias with a 5-year, $31MM contract. Arias has 95 wins and a 3.93 ERA over 8 big league seasons.

Andres Padilla landed with Cleveland for 3 years, $14.8MM. The Katanas also re-signed Lorenzo Rodriguez for 5 years, $38.75MM, and have come through free agency with the team almost intact.

San Diego won the bidding for one of the younger leading free agents, 27 year-old IF Quilvio Suarez. He gets $36.5MM over 5 years.

Scottsdale continued the spending spree, adding Brad Hart for 2 years, $4.24MM per year. Hart appears to be the leading contender for the 3B job for the Vipers.

El Paso signed its 4th Type B free agent, SP Javier Batista. Batista has 41 wins and a 3.83 ERA over 6 ML seasons.

Dan Cirillo heads "home" to Detroit. After a 2-year sabbatical to Vancouver, the world career leader in complete games returns to the franchise that signed him as an IFA way back in Season 1. He gets $7.2MM for 2 years.

Portland landed a RF by getting Ray Henley's signature on a 2 year, $6.74MM deal. Barring injury, Henley will join the 1000-RBI club this season.

Little Rock got career 300-HR man Victor Perez for 2 years, $7MM. Perez could see action at both 1B and LF for the Pebbles.

Look for the pace of signings to pick up in the next cycle.

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