Saturday, April 2, 2011

Syracuse GM Rugby1 On the Gomez Signing

Syracuse fans are already making "Gomez Saves" banners!

It took a max contract and all of the free agent signing period to land Jesus Gomez. We identified him as the one we would go after at the end of last season.

We had a number of aging vets with higher salaries coming off the books with some promising youngsters ready to take their places. The Maxwell trade (Theodore Maxwell and Dingo Hawkins to Scottsdale for Buddy Offerman, Trenidad Medrano and Eduardo Tavarez) cannot be overlooked here, either. We were ready to give Max the big deal he was looking for but when the opportunity to get three good young players for him arose we took it. Including Dingo Hawkins in the deal gave us more payroll room too.

My first season in the league saw the franchise lose Victor Morales to a max contract and later Raphael Brogna. So we knew Gomez would probably be getting a contract in the same stratosphere.

Our management determined if any player was worth a max contract it was him. In addition to his hitting and fielding talents I like his high durability, health and make up ratings.

Our initial plan will see him at SS with Marte moving to 3B and he will be hitting 3rd or 4th, to be determined during spring training. Since then we have made moves to strengthen the bullpen and hope to be back in contention this season.

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