Friday, April 22, 2011

20 Questions With bdrose

1. What should we call you?

BDR is what I put on video games, when I used to be good enough to get on the high score screen, that is.

2. Any hobbies or favorite pastimes besides HBD?

Fantasy Baseball (sense a theme here?)

3. How did you fall into HBD?

Was also a fan of Strat-O, so heard about a baseball sim called WhatIfSports.

4. How many teams do you run? How many hours per week do you pour into your teams?

2 teams only. check them after every cycle, at least.

5. Married? Children?

Yes, I'm Al Bundy.

6. City/State you live in? Hometown where you grew up?

Westchester, NY. Originally from Montreal, the Great White North.

7. Occupation? Do you check in on your teams often during the workday?

Magazine publisher. Hell yeah I check from work.

8. Tell me 5 things nobody in Belle knows about you.

Went to college with Barack Obama for one year.
Carry in my wallet a picture of a salmon I caught, but not my wife.
I own a fantasy baseball magazine.

9. What makes you laugh?

Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain, the taste of champagne. Wait a minute, what was the question again?

10. Top 3 all time movies?

Princess Bride, Pulp Fiction, The Empire Strikes Back.

11. What popular song past/present do you most identify with?

Geez, that's too much like a Miss America question. Let's just say R.E.M. is my fave band.

12. Real baseball team you grew up loving? Still in love with them?

Sadly, the now defunct Montreal Expos. Went to hundreds of games growing up, that 1994 strike KILLED us. Tim "Rock" Raines deserves to be in the HOF.

13. Tell me 3 things you wish you knew about particular Belle owners?

What the hell is Crump's secret to success? That's all.

14. You're fairly outspoken as a Belle owner. Why?

Silence is overrated.

15. What is your GM philosophy?

It's more fun trying to win with a smaller budget. Not more likely though, as my record shows.

16. Any special meaning for your WIS nickname? Your Belle team name?

Nope, just flowed, evoking the series.

17. Who is/was your favorite Belle owner? Why?

Our fearless commish, for running a very solid league, with a great blog.

18. Which MLB Commissioner do you admire or identify with most? Why?

Bart Giamatti. Short reign, but had integrity.

19. General pet peeves about the HBD game?

Coach hiring, especially the dearth of Fielding instructors.

20. If I was Belle Commish for a day I would...
abdicate the throne.

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