Sunday, October 25, 2009

Take 5 (x2) - Top Ten ROY Candidates

Player Awards will be showing up soon, and we've had some great rookie performances (as more of the bonanza class of Season 9 enter the Majors), especially among hitters and relief pitchers. Here's the top 10 so far this season (regardless of league):

1. Ernest Farr (LF- TAC): 19th pick in Season 9, leads all rookies in HR's and OPS

2. Lance Reed (RF-NAS): #18 overall in Season 9, running #2 in OPS among rookies

3. Jesus Gomez (3B-ROC): Season 12 IFA edges out Escuella for better defensive play

4. Carlos Escuela (3B-TUC): Season 10 #7 and pre-season ROY fav leads rooks in RBI

5. C.C. Taguchi (RP-JAX): 3rd-rounder (Season 8) has 9 wins, 2.84 ERA and a sterling .599 OPS-against

6. Clarence Marte (CF-SYR): Season 10 #1 sparking the Warriors from the leadoff spot (.361 OBP, 34-of-42 SB) and playing a credible CF

7. Vic Mesa (SP-TRE): Season 6 4th-rounder has been the best rookie SP this year, at 7-8, 3.71

8. Roosevelt McGowan (2B-IND): Season 6 #30 has had some trouble fielding 2B but been solid on offense

9. Jimmie Stokes (1B-SXF): Season 9 #8 leads rookies in BB's and OBP

10. Fernando Nieto (RP-SD): Season 11 IFA has been a nice surprise with a 2.70 ERA in 63 IP

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