Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mid-Season Predictions

National League

#1 -
#2 - Mexico City
#3 - Syracuse
#4 - Burlington
#5 - Charleston
#6 - Las Vegas
OAK's trade for Ramsay will give them enough pitching to claim the #1 seed. I still like the Desperadoes to take the South but it's tough to pick against the Apologists. Looks like if you can hang around .500 you've got a shot at the last wild card - I like Vegas but Ottawa, Jacksonville and El Paso are right there.

Division Play-In: Syracuse over Vegas
Charleston over Burlington
DCS: Mexico City over Syracuse
Oakland over Charleston
Tough call on both of'd be nice to have a pair of nail-biting 7-gamers, but that never seems to happen when it should.
NLCS: Surenos took Charleston to 7 last year...this year they get it done vs. Mexico City

American League

#1 -
#2 - Jackson
#3 - Tucson
#4 - Columbus
#5 - Rochester
#6 - Richmond
The Katanas and Holes look unstoppable as the first 2 seeds. Surprising Tucson is in control of the West, but the North could go down to the last day. Rochester's looking very strong for the first wildcard...the second is a Little Rock/D.C./Richmond mystery. Can Little Rock's pitching keep getting away with it? Maybe, if they keep getting the ball to Geoff Sosa in the 9th (1.36 ERA, on pace for league-record 57 saves). I never would've guessed that D.C. would be only 44-39 with Morales at .328/23/78, but they're far from out of it. And Richmond is right there despite the bullpen meltdowns. I'm taking a flier and picking the Poor Men.

Division Play-In: Rochester over Columbus
Richmond over Tucson in a mild upset

DCS: Jackson over Richmond
Hartford over Rochester
Would love to pick an upset here, but the crystal ball says "no".

ALCS: Hartford gets their revenge from last year.

WORLD SERIES: Katanas over Surenos

Looking forward to this one. Hartford's pitching has been surprisingly good considering they play half their games in a broom closet - I think they keep getting it done.

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