Friday, October 16, 2009

Power Rankings

Some pretty good movement from the last ranking:

1. Hartford (no change): on pace for 1300 runs
2. Charleston (up 8 places) : not in their usual spot atop pitching stats but 3rd in both offense and pitching
3. Oakland (up 2 places): still winning with offense
4. Mexico City (no change): 3.54 ERA only 2nd in AL
5. (tie) Jackson (up 6 spots): moved up from 16th to 7th in runs scored
Rochester (new in top 10): 3rd in offense despite low HR total
7. Syracuse (no change): pitching has taken a dive
8. Little Rock (new in top 10): surprising Pebbles staff still leading in ERA
9. Richmond (new in top 10): improved pitching now 4th
10.Washington D.C. (down 7 spots): slowly getting into the wild card picture

Fell out of the top 10: Burlington, Madison, Nashville, San Jose

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