Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 5 Power Rankings

1. San Diego Surf Babies(71-42)--The Surf Babies have taken over the overall best record in Belle as well as the top spot in the power rankings!
Previously Ranked:6th(+5)

2. New York Necromancers(70-43)--New York has had a hard time scoring runs consistently recently. If they can't get that figured out then they will have a hard time being a true contender for the World Series.
Previously Ranked: 1st(-1)

3. Jacksonville Jinxed(67-46)--The Jinxed have been playing excellent ball as of late and have climbed 6 spots in the power rankings as a result!
Previously Ranked: 9th(+6)

4. Cleveland Katanas(67-46)--Cleveland has been playing excellent baseball as well. That coupled with some poor baseball recently by the Revenge has jumped Cleveland back into a tie atop the AL East. This could be an excellent race to watch.
Previously Ranked: 8th(+4)

5. San Juan Senators(65-48)--The Senators have stayed pretty steady for the most part of this season. They continue to go as far as their excellent pitching staff will take them.
Previously Ranked: 7th(+2)

6. Washington D.C. Revenge(67-46)--The Revenge have fallen on some tough times here recently, but there's no reason to think they won't rebound and make a very nice race for the AL East title.
Previously Ranked: 2nd(-4)

7. Oakland Surenos(67-46)--Oakland has a very good offense leading them atop the NL West. They will have to try and fend off the upstart Scottsdale team who has a very good offense of their own!
Previously Ranked: 3rd(-3)

8. Salem Goonies(66-47)--The Goonies are led by an incredible offense who has to be taken seriously as they march towards the playoffs.
Previously Ranked: 5th(-3)

9. Chicago Free Swingers(65-48)--Chicago has falled on some tough times trying to get their offense going a little more. Hopefully the friendly confines of Wrigley will help when their team is up to bat.
Previously Ranked: 4th(-5)

10. Little Rock Pebbles(63-50)--The Pebbles continue to play very good, steady baseball as they stay atop their division and in the power rankings.
Previously Ranked: 10th(E)

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