Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Power Rankings for Week 2!

1. San Juan Senators(28-17)--The Senators have been playing some great baseball to vault themselves up into the top spot in the Power Rankings. Led by a top 3 offense the Senators have jumped out to a 6 game lead in their division.
Previously Ranked: 8th(+7)

2. New York Necromancers(29-16)--The Necromancers rode a 12 game winning streak at the beginning of week 2 here in Joey Belle, but they have come back down to earth since then playing .500 ball. They are playing in possibly the best division in Joey Belle so they will need to get their bats swinging more consistently if they hope to finally win this division.
Previously Ranked: 1st(-1)

3. Columbus Criminals(28-17)--Columbus is sitting awfully pretty with a 9 game lead in their division already. Obviously the class of the division so far, if they can keep up with their pitching they will run away with the division.
Previously Ranked: 2nd(-1)

4. San Diego Surf Babies(28-17)--The Surf Babies have vaulted themselves past mighty Salem here in the early going. They have a very good pitching staff so far and they will have to continue that if San Diego hopes to topple Salem from the top spot by season's end.
Previously Ranked: NR

5. Washington D.C. Revenge(28-17)--Wasthington continues to stay atop their division this season so far. They have a slim 3 game lead over Scranton. They have a top 5 offense and top 10 pitching staff so far in their bid to try and repeat as World Series Champions!
Previously Ranked: 6th(+1)

6. Chicago Free Swingers(27-18)--Chicago, along with San Juan, have been the hottest team in Joey Belle here in week 2 of the season. That has vaunted them into 2nd place breathing down the necks of New York in the NL North.
Previously Ranked: NR

7. Jacksonville Jinxed(27-18)--The Jinxed are lead by a good pitching staff and an even better defense here in the early going. If they can find a way to score more runs consistently this is a team that will run away with their division if everything stays as it is now.
Previously Ranked: NR

8. Syracuse Saltine Warriors(26-19)--Syracuse is the 3rd team from the NL North in the Power Rankings. They are only 3 games back in this very competitive division. Their offense should start putting numbers a little more consistently which should put everyone in the NL on notice.
Previously Ranked: NR

9. Salem Goonies(26-19)--The Goonies continue to slug the ball better than anyone else in the majors. If this team can get their pitching straightened out some then the rest of the world may not even have a chance.
Previously Ranked: 5th(-4)

10. Oakland Surenos(26-19)--The Surenos are locked in a tie atop the NL West right now. They have been playing very good baseball and should be in contention all season long fighting for their division as well as the wild card race.
Previously Ranked: 9th(-1)

Dropping out: Pawtucket Slater Paws, Ottawa Ice, Scottsdale Valley Vipers, and Scranton Stranglers

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