Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Power Rankings for Week 4

1. New York Necromancers(59-27)--The Necromancers are led by a dominant pitching staff that has been stellar in the first half of Season 21. They continue to have one of the top defenses in the world as well.
Previously Ranked: 2nd(+1)

2. Washington D.C. Revenge(56-30)--The defending champs keep getting better and better as this season goes on. They have a top 5 offense as well as pitching staff. They will be strong favorites to get back to the World Series at this point.
Previously Ranked: 5th(+3)

3. Oakland Surenos(53-33)--Oakland has been playing some great baseball. They have been one of the hottest teams in Belle led by an awesome offense.
Previously Ranked: 10th(+7)

4. Chicago Free Swingers(51-35)--The Free Swingers continue to hang around in the highly competitive NL North. They have a great fielding team to help support a very good pitching staff.
Previously Ranked: 6th(+2)

5. Salem Goonies(53-33)--The Goonies continue to crush the ball. They easily have the best offense in Belle this season.
Previously Ranked:9th(+4)

6. San Diego Surf Babies(51-35)--The Surf Babies are lead by a great pitching staff as they continue to battle for the AL West division.
Previously Ranked: 4th(-2)

7. San Juan Senators(49-37)--San Juan hit a little bit of a rough patch, but they should get it back together and make a nice run towards the playoffs and division title.
Previously Ranked: 1st(-6)

8. Cleveland Katanas(49-37)--The Katanas have jumped into the Power Rankings for the first time this season. They have been playing solid all-around baseball. They have a top 10 pitching staff with an offense that is quickly playing better and better.
Previously Ranked: NR

9. Jacksonville Jinxed(50-36)--The Jinxed continue to play as well as their pitching and fielding will allow them too. If they can get a better offense going this team will be one to worry about.
Previously Ranked: 7th(-2)

10. Little Rock Pebbles(46-40)--Little Rock is also making their Season 21 debut on the Power Rankings. This team is lead by an awesome offense that has a very capable pitching staff behind it.
Previously Ranked: NR

Dropping out: Columbus Criminals, Syracuse Saltine Warriors

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