Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Power Rankings for Season 20

Are you ready for the unveiling of the Power Rankings in the Joey Belle Times? Just to give a little background into how The Joey Belle Times firgures them up. We take the overall record into consideration as well as the expected winning percentage. We also figure in the rank in 3 categories: runs scored, ERA, and fielding percentage. After the initial Power Rankings the number of wins since the last Power Rankings will also be figured in for each team. Without further ado:

1. New York Necromancers(13-7)--The Necromancers started a little slow, but have won 7 out of their last 8 and are getting some very good overall pitching. New York will probably only go as far as their offense carries them though.

2. Columbus Criminals(13-7)--Columbus has started out playing well in every faucet of the game. This team has already jumped out to a 3 game lead in their division.

3. Pawtucket Slater Paws(12-8)--Pawtucket has a suspect offense in the early going, but they haven't needed to do too much as the pitching staff has been phenomenal.

4. Ottawa Ice(12-8)--The Ice have been hitting the ball and scoring runs in bunches. The pitching staff has been solid, but if they can bring it up a notch it will be hard for New York to hold them off.

5. Salem Goonies(15-5)--Going by strictly record this is a shock. The Goonies have absolutely crushed the ball. They have outscored everyone else in the league with 2nd place 14 runs behind them. Conversely, they have some pitching and fielding problems in the early going.

6. Washington D.C. Revenge(12-8)--The reigning World Series Champions' are playing solid baseball. They are in the top 10 in ever faucet of the game.

7. Scottsdale Valley Vipers(13-7)--The Valley Vipers have picked up right where they left off in first place in the NL West. They are powered behind a very good lineup and just enough pitching to get the job done.

8. San Juan Senators(11-9)--The Senators have a decent pitching staff that is made a little better by a very good offense.

9. Oakland Surenos(11-9)--Oakland's record doesn't correctly reflect how this team is playing. They have a solid offense behind a very good pitching staff. If this team continues to play well they will definitely improve in the wins column.

10. Scranton Stranglers(12-8)--The Stranglers have one of the worst pitching staffs in the majors in the early going. However they also have one of the best offenses in Joey Belle. They like to play in some high scoring games.

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