Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Biggest Free Agent Class Ever Set To Start Signing

Based on the number of available players, the JBT is projecting that this season will be the biggest ever in terms of the number of Type A and B free agents signed.

Season 16 saw 32 A/B's signed, the biggest number so far. There are at least (we usually miss a few) 44 A and B free agents available.

Over on the hitter side, there are at least 25 A/B's available, headed up by SS Jesus Gomez. Gomez will no doubt command a mega-contract, but may well be worth it. Just 27 (the poster child for why you don't want to take players to arb 3 times), he already has a ROY, 3 All-Star Games, and 3 Silver Sluggers on the CV. Other top names among the position players are OF's John Tamura, Theodore Beckett, and Ray Henley; C Odalis Gutierrez; and future Hall-Of-Famers Jacque Fitzgerald and Rafael Brogna.

Among the pitchers there are at least 19 A/B's, including SP's Jesus Javier, Lorenzo Rodriguez, Theodore Fox, Jacque Butler, Pedro Encarnacion, and Luis Redondo; and relievers Fausto Cedeno, Crash Carter, Bosco Swann and Tomas Cruz.

The first signees (the ones who get only one offer and decide to take the bird in hand) should be inking deals in the morning; stay tuned to the JBT for the latest in free agency and other off-season news!

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