Saturday, March 12, 2011

Awards Review

AL MVP: Carlos Escuela won his 2nd straight; JBT predicted correctly and also opined that Cuddyer would get up to 10 votes - he got 11.

AL Cy Young: Edgardo Valdes won with 14 votes to Cerda's 8; JBT missed on this one - we thought Cerda's higher win total would be persuasive.

AL ROY: Rivera won pretty easily. JBT was correct and predicted a "hefty vote total" - Rivera's 17 votes were the 2nd-most.

NL MVP: Ellie Roenicke's big power year powered him to the highest vote total (18) - correctly forecast by JBT.

NL Cy Young: Clay Merrit and Bruce Friend share the award. JBT correctly picked Friend but overlooked Merrit.

NL ROY: Chantres edged Day 13-11. JBT was right in predicting a close vote, but we thought Day would prevail.

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