Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big First Day For Free Agents

Six type A/B free agents signed this morning, with a couple of other significant signings going down.

Scottsdale continued to be the biggest off-season mover and shaker with a pair of A/B deals. They ignored injury concerns about John Tamura, inking the OF to a 3-year, $6.8MM per year contract, and committed $4.4MM a year for four years to reliever Tuck Barkley.

Starter Tomas Martin got a nice $5MM bonus as part of a 2-year deal with El Paso; he joins an increasingly-solid rotation for the Sun Kings.

C Macbeth Crawford joins the new Omaha franchise on a 2-year, $7.8MM deal. A catcher for his entire career, he'll be the regular DH for the Middle Americans.

Chicago jumped into free agency to get reliever Bosco Swann for 3 years, $4.8MM per year. This is likely the first of many free agent signings by the Free Swingers, who are looking for a return ticket to the World Series.

Toledo made a splash with a 3-year, $21MM deal for SP Jesus Javier. Javier is coming off one of his best seasons and shows no signs of slowing down at age 35.

In a mild surprise, Mexico City rewarded Luis Redondo for 13 years of loyal service with a 3-year, $26MM contract. Redondo is capable of having as good a year as anyone - he has a Cy Young over the fireplace - but is coming off his two worst seasons (both 5+ ERA).

Salem quietly added more offense, getting Marquis Seo for a bargain $3.5MM a year for 2 seasons. Seo's power isn't what it used to be, and he needs quite a few days off, but he's still a solid .300 hitter.

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