Saturday, February 6, 2010

NL Down the Stretch

The Saltine Warriors have set a blistering pace all year, but still haven't totally shaken off Sioux Falls. Syracuse looks set as no worse than the second seed; the Presidents (who will set a new franchise wins record) have just about nailed down a wild card and are jockeying with Vegas for seeding.

Burlington's cruising to a third straight title and will have the 4th seed.

Austin's been building for years and it's finally paying off with a third seed this year.

Oakland is on the way to its 6th 100-win season in franchise history, and baring some kind of epic collapse, will claim the #1 seed.

If the playoffs started today, here's how the brackets would line up:

#3 Austin plays #6 Las Vegas; winner gets #2 Syracuse.

#4 Burlington plays #4 Sioux Falls; winner gets Oakland

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