Thursday, June 4, 2009


Really it is anybody's guess as to how things end up even in real life. Here we go with a big guess.

1. Cincinnati Waste Managers
2. Columbus Criminals
3. Augusta Polar Bears
4. Scranton Beet Farmers

This one is tough to sort out folks which means any of the four can wind up winning.

1. Cleveland Katanas
2. Washington D.C. Revenge
3. Rochester Phantoms
4. Wichita Wingmen

It is gonna get tougher for Cleveland.

1. Jackson Holes
2. Richmond Poor Men
3. Charlotte Gooners
4. Little Rock Pebbles

Speaking of tough, this one is impossible.

1. Boise Posse
2. San Diego Surf Babies
3. San Francisco Super Sonics
4. Portland Bar & Grillers

These teams are so close to one another it is tough but I like Boise because of the stadium which could be good or bad.

1. Hartford Cream and the Clear
2. Sioux Falls Stoned Presidents
3. Ottawa Ice
4. Trenton Troglodytes

Things are a bit funny here and there is a known entity at work but could turn into a 3 way battle.

1. Burlington Lake Monsters
2. Indianapolis Sluggers
3. Philadelphia Phillies
4. Toledo Mud Hens

Another one that could prove very interesting.

1. Charleston Apologists
2. Nashville Kool Kats
3. Austin City Limits
4. El Paso Sand Walkers

It is getting tougher for the projected top 2 and they know it but the bottom 2 aren't ready yet.

1. Oakland Surenos
2. Las Vegas 69ers
3. San Jose Bad News Bees II
4. Tacoma TIE Fighters

This one is harder still, I like the looks of Oakland but Vegas and San Jose can throw a monkey wrench in anyones plans.

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