Monday, June 15, 2009


IFA Market

The Oakland Surenos were wowed by Alex Martin to the tune of $17.3M. Alex is is a power hitting PC catcher with a bit of a weak glove.

The Tacoma TIE Fighters snapped up Jesus Felix The Cat for the cheap sum of $3.2M. Everyone must have been turned off by his little black bag or nobody needs a a quality setup pitcher.

AL North - Augusta Polar Bears has taken the early lead.
AL East - In a surprise, the Washington D.C. Revenge have the Katanas chasing them.
AL South - The Jackson Holes in the lead and not a surprise.
AL West - The Boise Posse have their bad guys trapped.

NL North - The Sioux Falls Stoned Presidents have the current lead.
NL East - The Indianapolis Sluggers have hit their way to a lead.
NL South - Charleston Apologists can't seem to lose.
NL West - The Las Vegas 69ers and Oakland Surenos claim the lead.

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