Friday, June 26, 2009

The Draft Follow Up

Several things come to mind with the Sand Walkers draft this season. I was rather happy with the my draft. I didn't work real hard on the draft board as I usually do for a change. The reason that I didn't was because I took a look at the draft order and decided the second pick, which would have been #61, just wasn't worth it and signed a Type A FA instead a few days before the predraft. Made Toledo happy maybe.

As I said in the previous post, I didn't really have that many choices with the third pick. I did have Jung Wanatabe as my number 1. Like I said, it was doubtful that he would fall to the third pick as he was taken number 1 overall. That left me with Kenneth Scoroposki, Brad Matusz, Gabe Borland, and Rolando Terrero to choose from. Not a bad bunch to choose from, but why wasn't Phillip Cooke on my board!!!!

I took Kenneth Scoroposki because he was the best power hitter on my board even though the formula builder and the OVR pointed to Rolando Terrero. To me Terrero was a little over rated due to his desirable makeup but had weak vsR and power. Gabe Borland would have been a good choice as a medium power hitting defensive PC catcher, but to me didn't deserve to be picked third. Brad Matusz would have been very good choice for the pen. I debated a long while before I decided who to put at number 2 and 3.

As for the Type A signing, Toledo got Grant Rivers and I probably would have gotten George Nichting. In the end, it was a well spent $1.3M.

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