Monday, January 18, 2010

NL At the Half

Hard to believe another half season has flown by. Here's how things stand in the AL.

Syracuse has been cruising in first all season, enjoying a world-best 2.70 ERA. Sioux Falls would be leading 4 other divisions and currently sits in the first wildcard spot. Outstanding Position Player: Marquis Seo, Syracuse. Outstanding Pitcher: Brian Nakajima, Syracuse. Outstanding Rookie: Jim Olson, Sioux Falls


Burlington is on the way to its 3rd straight NL East crown. The rest of the division remains in rebuilding mode. Outstanding Player: Gary Goodwin, Toledo. Outstanding Pitcher: Don Young, Jacksonville. Outstanding Rookie: Joshua Simon, Indianapolis.

Austin has opened up a 10-game lead over Mexico City. The Desperadoes have some work to do to make the playoffs for hte 7th straight year - they're 8 back of Vegas for the 2nd wildcard. Outstanding Player: Kevin Grabowski, Austin. Outstanding Pitcher: Woody Blair, Austin. Outstanding Rookie: Dan Lowery, El Paso.

Oakland has been nothing short of the most dominant NL team since Season 7's 122-game winning Charleston Apologists. Las Vegas is winning at an outstanding .609 clip and has an 8-game cushion for the 2nd wildcard. Outstanding Player: Joe Rivera, Oakland. Outstanding Pitcher: Gary Ramsay, Oakland. Outstanding Rookie: Craig Hague, San Jose.

JBT Official Predictions
North - Syracuse, although not a runaway (#2 seed)
East - Burlington gets 3rd straight (#4 seed)
South - Austin makes 1st playoff appearance in 11 seasons (#3 seed)
West - Oakland coasts (#1 seed)
1st Wildcard - Las Vegas (#5 seed)
2nd Wildcard - Sioux Falls (#6 seed)

Division Play-In's: 2 more wildcard winners: Vegas over Burlington and Sioux Falls over Austin (easy call, I'm playoff-snakebit)

Division Round: Syracuse knocks of Sioux Falls; Oakland over Las Vegas.

ALCS: The rematch of lat year's team's has a different result: Oakland advances to its 2nd WS.

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