Monday, January 18, 2010

AL At The Half

Hard to believe another half season has flown by. Here's how things stand in the AL.

Madison's recent hot streak has gotten them back into the race, 3 games back of the Waste Managers, and 6 back in the wildcard. Outstanding Position Player: Jose Polanco, Madison. Outstanding Pitcher: Cesar Velazquez, Cincinnati. Outstanding Rookie: Martin Munro, Cincinnati.


Cleveland is "only" on a 108-win pace, and so far, D.C. has been able to keep up (2 games back). Rochester's improved pitching has them 1-game out of the wildcard. Pittsburgh's free agent signees have sparked the offense; their young pitchers aren't quite there yet. Outstanding Player: (tie) Victor Morales, D.C., and Jacque Fitzgerald, Cleveland. Outstanding Pitcher: Rob Workman, D.C. Outstanding Rookie: Rob Workman, D.C.

Jackson has the league's best record and a 6-game lead over Little Rock. Outstanding Player: Wilson Costello, Jackson. Outstanding Pitcher: Geoff Sosa, Little Rock. Outstanding Rookie: D'Angelo Cerda, Pittsburgh.

Portland and Boise are locked in a tight race, with San Diego just 5 back. If Tucson could get their pitching staff up to just mediocre, it's not hard to imagine a 4-team race. Outstanding Player: (tie) Jose Vargas, Tucson and Brant Cooney, Portland. Outstanding Pitcher: P.T. Navarro, Boise. Outstanding Rookie: Groucho Priest, Portland

JBT Official Predictions
North - I liked Cincy last year, they'll win it this year
East - D.C. overhauls Cleveland in my upset special
South - Jackson's too tough
West - Tossup: Coin flip says Boise
1st Wildcard - Cleveland
2nd Wildcard - Little Rock holds off Nashville and Madison

Division Play-In's: 2 wildcard winners: Cleveland tops Boise and Little Rock over Cincinnati

Division Round: D.C. takes out Little Rock; another classic CLE/JAC series, this team CLE wins

ALCS: The Revenge make theri first trip to the WS since the glory days of Season 1

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