Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Inside The Numbers

Todays look is at pitcher of the week (POWP) Ruben James. He is a very good power pitcher and is Cy Young capable, though probably not this season. For the most part, Ruben pitches 6 innings plus per outing and is used in the pen occasionally throwing about 100 pitches per start. Although the old timers will tell you they always like power pitchers, there is a big drawback. He may strike out more batters and fewer balls may be put in play but power hitters love power pitchers and a stacked lineup hurts his capabilities. The number of pitches vs number of innings and home runs given up could be a product of a weak stable of pitches. With the control, splits and fly ball ratings though, I doubt this.

Todays look at player of the week (POWB) Brant Cooney. Brant is a young power hitting 1B. A demotion at the beginning of the season may have woke this kid up, but taking that risk and the result, rest of the season to get him back on track may have been lucky? After looking at his stats, the big question remains in my mind, is the park conducive? The one thing that jumps out at me is his BB to SO numbers. Looking at his ratings I would have assumed he would have had more walks than strike outs.

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