Sunday, July 26, 2009

20 To Go

AL North

The Augusta Polar Bears and Cincinnati Waste Managers are still dueling for supremacy. The Columbus Criminals are playing well of late but just can't gain ground.

AL East

The Cleveland Katanas needs a couple wins to mathematically wrap things but it is really in the bag. The Washington D.C. Revenge has its sights set on a wild card spot along with the Rochester Phantoms.

AL South

The Jackson Holes have a 100 win season already and are coasting with the division title in hand and probably the #1 seed also. The Richmond Poor Men and Little Rock Pebbles are both still in the hunt for a wild card spot.

AL West

Boise Posse gave an 11 game lead and in all likely hood will win the crown.

NL North

The Hartford Cream and the Clear have hit the 100 win mark and have the division crown wrapped up with a bow. The #1 seed however is still up for grabs.

NL East

The Burlington Lake Monsters have a 9 game lead for the crown with the Toledo Mud Hens a distant second.

NL South

The Charleston Apologists has a run away with the division from the start but are only up by 11 at the moment and only 1 game behind the #1 seed. The Nashville Kool Kats are playing well again this season and lead the wild card race.

NL West

The San Jose Bad News Bees II, Oakland Surenos and Las Vegas 69ers are playing dueling banjos as one will streak then the other. One of the losers will more than likely gain a wild card spot.

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