Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tenure Trivia

It seems at least a little significant that Belle has now completed 15 seasons. While awaiting the pm1 cycle, I looked around and figured out the we still have 7 original owners (JAMESA, EasyE7273, jiml60, rlahann, toddcommish, bdrose and dennisdee). Plus another 8 with 11 years +. I think that's pretty impressive. Maybe we'll give the originals a pair of Joey Belle cufflinks or something at next year's Winter Meetings kickoff banquet.

Average tenure of ownership overall is 8.22 seasons. Despite having 6 of the 7 original owners, the NL trails slightly, 8.0 to 8.44 for the AL.

"Most-tenured" divisions: AL South at 11.25 and NL West at 11. Least-tenured: NL North at 6 and NL South at 6.75.

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