Monday, April 19, 2010

Mid-Season Musings

Finally got a break from work to look around the league. What I noticed...

After 7 years in the minors, Buffalo's Doyle Pellow finally gets his shot and is 2nd in the AL with 12 plus plays.

Three most improved teams (winning % as compared to last year):
1. Salem Goonies (AL West), up 216 points
2. Fresno Grizzlies (NL West) up 190 points
3. Mexico City Desperadoes (NL South) up 166 points

Despite getting rocked by Mexico City and Austin in his last 2 starts, Fresno's Kennie Frascatore is still the runaway leader for NL ROY (12-1, 1.87 ERA, .521 OPS against). Until those last 2 rough outings, he had allowed 2 or fewer runs in 15 of 16 starts. (And I missed him by one damn spot in the Season 11 draft).

It's the Lance Reed Show for AL MVP. The Nashville RF leads the majors in HR's (29), RBI (99), and is 5 points back of D.C.'s Danny Pride and Richmond's Daniel Gallagher (both at .347) for the batting title.

Cleveland closer Roger Lawson is perfect in save oppotunities (21-of-21).

Oakland slugger Joe Rivera looked like he would take over the all-time Belle HR lead from Skip Leon this year. But at 38, Skip is hitting .314 with 8 HR's and 29 RBI for Toledo. Current lifetime HR totals: Skip 620, Joe 605.

AL Cy Young: Jackson's Johnny Collier leads the way in ERA (2.51), but only has 4 wins. That puts 4 guys at the front of a large pack: (9-4, 2.81), Richmond's Charlie Cosby (9-4, 2.81), Billy Brocail (9-2, 2.96) of the Katannas, the Alleghenys' Jung Wanatable (10-4. 3.04), and last year's winner, D.C.'s Rob Workman (11-4, 3.01).

Biggest drops in winning % from last year:
1. San Diego (AL West) - 122 points
2. Oakland (NL West) - 115 points
3. Jackson (AL South) - 106 points
In case you didn't notice, the last 2 were in the WS last season.

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