Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jacksonville Strikes Again

As predicted, the Jokers spent again in the PM2 cycle, enticing former San Jose 2B Tim Murray for 2 years, $19MM. On the plus side, Murray's ratings are holding up well at 34; on the downside, probably a bit steep for him. Grade C+. The immediate problem for the Jokers is what to do with 2 quality 2B - Murray and George Kipling. They're no doubt trying to trade one for pitching - think the Lake Monsters would trade Frank Huff within the division? A move to RF for Murray might be more likely.

There were a few other FA signings of note today that got under the JBT radar.

Oakland re-signed Joe Rivera to a 2-year deal for $5.2 per year. Rivera's range is steadily deteriorating but it's still plenty good for RF, and he's still one of the top power hitters in Belle. Grade A. On a side note, it's good to see Joe go back to Oakland to pass 600 career HR's and move into first place on the career homers list.

Sioux Falls also re-signed one of their home-grown stars, locking up 2-time All-Star Ricardo Nunez for 5 years, $40MM. Plays every game and you know what you're getting - OPS in the 800's all 7 seasons. Grade B+

San Jose got former Mexico City CF Charles Perez for 2 years, $10.8MM. Always an underrated player, Perez should be a nice bargain for the Bees (even if he has to move to LF next season). Grade A-.

In the rehab signing of the day, the Salem Goonies brought back Alex Paniagua for 2 years, $5.6MM. Yeah, his power's slipping fast, but he could hit well enough to be a great bargain at 2.8 a year. Grade B+.

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